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On my birthday, my friends and I decided to go fishing. We bought everything we needed, marinated meat, sliced salads, asked our wives for permission, but there was a disaster, our old Sequoia broke down during the day of celebration. One of my friends offered to rent a car in the company Fleet. We quickly called them and after talking with the Manager, our choice fell on Ford expedition. An hour later we arrived to them, they had time to wash the car and prepared it for us. We liked the rental conditions, the car is insured against accidents, the technical serviceability of the car is guaranteed by the company, in case of unforeseen situations, the company guarantees the car for replacement. We got a nice discount. The registration took about 10 minutes at most, after which the Manager showed us the car, noted in the contract all the damage, in the flesh to barely noticeable scratches, and gave us the keys and technical passport. I really liked Ford, spacious interior, powerful engine in General, American, what else can I add.

The delivery of the car did not take much time, 10 minutes at most. The Manager examined the car, the office returned the Deposit and gave us a discount coupon.

I am grateful to the company Autopark for good service and a good car in which we went fishing with friends.

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