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Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK


All cars are insured with OSAGO and CASCO

Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK

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Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK


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Project from AUTOPARK

Toyota Tundra II Restyling Long Bed 5.7 2016

Many were interested in this car, so we tell.

This is Toyota Tundra II Restyling Long Bed 5.7 2016, project AUTOPARK.KG

Converted to 6 wheels. All bridges are real with locks and the possibility of any connection 2WD-4WD-6WD + center lock. The frame is intact – not cut.
The plans include installing a roof rack and a kung, altering the interior, working on lighting (chandeliers and more), cameras for a better view.

Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK
Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK

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Rent a car Bishkek


Car rental in Bishkek is becoming an increasingly popular service among tourists and locals alike. Let’s look at the benefits of renting a car, the types of cars available, the rental process, and tips to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of renting a car

Saving time

Renting a car allows you to save time on getting around the city, especially if you are here for the first time. You can choose your routes and departure times, and avoid traffic jams and waiting for public transportation.


In a rental car, you can enjoy comfortable conditions such as air conditioning, comfortable seats, and an audio system. This is especially true for family trips and long itineraries.


Renting a car gives you the opportunity to choose your own routes and visit the places that interest you. You can also change plans as you go and stop at any points along the way.

Types of cars available for rent

Economy Class

Renting an economy car is ideal for those who want to save money. These cars are usually smaller in size, but they are ideal for city trips and short distances.

Business class

If you prefer comfort and style, then business class car rental will be an excellent choice. They provide a high level of comfort, ideal for business trips or special occasions.

SUVs and minivans

For traveling with family or friends, renting an SUV or minivan can be a convenient option. They offer more space for passengers and luggage, and are also suitable for trips to the mountains or long distances.

The car rental process

Vehicle Search

The first step is to find a suitable rental car. On our site we have divided cars into categories for your convenience. Also listed is the current price per day. There are discounts for rentals of 8 or more days.

Concluding a lease agreement

After choosing a car you will need to enter into a rental agreement with Autopark. Carefully study the terms of the contract, clarify the additional services and obligations of the parties. Usually you need to provide documents such as a passport and driver’s license, as well as pay the rent and the deposit.

Receiving and returning the car

When you receive your vehicle, be sure to check its condition, inspect it for damage, and make sure that all functions are working properly. When you return the car, the rental company will inspect it and return the deposit if there is no damage or breach of contract.

Tips for renting a car


Safety is a priority when renting a car. Make sure that the car is in good technical condition and has all the necessary documents. Also follow the rules of the road and avoid aggressive driving.


Insurance is an important part of renting a car. Find out what types of insurance are included in the rental price, and consider purchasing additional insurance to fully cover possible risks.

Limitations on age and seniority

Many rental companies impose restrictions on the age and experience of the driver. Usually a rental car is available for drivers over the age of 21 with at least three years of experience. Clarify the requirements of the renter before you book the car.


Rent a car in Bishkek can make your journey more comfortable and convenient. Consider all the benefits of renting, choose the right car, research the rental process and follow the tips to make the right choice and enjoy the ride.


  1. What documents do I need to rent a car? Usually a passport, driver’s license and payment of a deposit are required.
  2. Can I rent a car if I am under 21? Rental terms may vary from company to company, but AutoPark requires at least 21 years of age and at least 3 years of experience
  3. Is insurance included in the price of the rental car? KASKO / MTPL insurance included in the price
  4. Can I rent a car for one day? Yes, Autopark offers short-term car rentals, including one-day rentals, but usually rentals are at least three days.
  5. Can I return a rental car in another city? Autopark offers a “one-way rental” service that allows you to return your car in another city. However, there may be an additional charge for this service. Check the terms with the managers.

Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK

Rent a car in Bishkek. Car rental service AUTOPARK

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