- Passport and drivers license - A deposit from $300 - Minimum age 21 years - Minimum driving experience 3 years
It is advisable to book a week in advance. But you can always contact us via WhatsApp and check whether the car is available at the right time and the required period. You can book a car on our website, by email, by phone or via Whatsapp +996 555 85 85 85
All cars are timely scheduled maintenance, as well as inter-service maintenance. The cars are technically serviceable, with a clean interior.
Yes, this is an additional service, which is paid at the rate of $ 25 per day within the city of Bishkek, when leaving the city +$ 10 per day.
We are focused on long-term cooperation and always provide discounts for regular customers!
Yes, it is possible. When booking a car, you need to inform the arrival/departure time of your flight and our employee will be waiting for you at the specified time at the airport. This additional service costs $20 from 09:00am to 18:00pm and $30 from 18:00pm to 09:00am.
Yes, you can add an unlimited number of drivers whose age and experience meet the minimum requirements. This service is free of charge.
- The mileage is 300km per day. In case of excess, the surcharge is 0.35$ per 1 km. — For long-term rentals (more than 10 days), the restrictions are removed.
Call the 24-hour numbers: +996 555 85 85 85 and report what happened. We will call a tow truck with which you will arrive at the office and pick up a replacement car of the same or better class.
Immediately call the traffic police, ambulance (if necessary), call the office at the 24/7 number +996 555 85 85 85 and report what happened. Be sure to issue all the certificates about the accident. We will call you a tow truck, with which you will arrive at the office and pick up a replacement car of the same or better class for free. If the accident was your fault, you will need to pay the cost in the amount of the damage caused. If at the time of the accident, you were in a state of alcoholic or other intoxication, then fully pays for all damage. If there is no culprit, or you have a mutual fault, then the cost of damage is deducted from your deposit. How is the damage paid? — If you tear the rubber, break the glass-the amount of damage caused is deducted — If you scratch or dent the car: Your responsibility is from $ 150, depending on the brand of the car. if the car is completely destroyed, then from$ 500 to $ 1000 is deducted, depending on the brand of the car, the rest is insurance.