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In addition to car rental, our company offers tours in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is an ideal country for adventure tourism and outdoor activities.
The nature of Kyrgyzstan does not leave anyone indifferent. High snow-capped mountains, a large number of lakes and rivers, and unique nomadic culture attract more and more tourists.
Our managers have a large experience in organizing tours for every taste and complexity, such as horse riding tours, historical tours, jeep tours, and Hiking tours to the most beautiful corners of Kyrgyzstan. All overnight stays and routes are checked by our guides, which allows us to guarantee the convenience and safety of our clients. We also help in the preparation of individual tours, which allows our clients to spend their holidays in Kyrgyzstan exactly as they want.
For those who want to be alone with nature and experience a nomadic lifestyle, we offer long horse tours. For those who want to test themselves, we offer walking tours of various difficulties. For fans of off-road driving, we offer jeep tours full of adrenaline and beautiful scenery. For those who love historical monuments and culture, we can offer historical and cultural tours. There is also an opportunity to get acquainted with Kyrgyzstan on your own, for this we will provide a fully insured and serviceable car, route and book an overnight stay for you.
Virgin nature is the main attraction of our country, so our company is a supporter of responsible and eco-saving tourism.
We guarantee a unique adventure experience.

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