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The two main motivations that encourage people to rent a car are vacations and business trips. In both cases, the most cited reason is the ease of finding a car near your destination. This flexibility is an important reason when you travel by train or plane. When you go on vacation to enjoy a quality vacation, renting a car is a very good way to treat yourself without having to worry about a long trip or car maintenance and repairs. In Kyrgyzstan, jeep tours are gaining popularity, driving off-road vehicles to remote but very picturesque places, such as lake Kel Suu or the equally picturesque Son Kul lake. Most of the roads leading to the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan are not in the best condition and are a serious test even for the best off-road vehicles. Renting an SUV for this type of vacation saves you from the extra costs of preparing your car or repairing the suspension after the trip.

Business trips are also a good example that highlights the advantage of renting a car. Because it is much easier to rent an Executive class car on the spot and not get tired of many hours of driving your own car.

People who rent a car do this in other cases as well. Who hasn’t dreamed of driving a luxury car on their wedding day? Who didn’t need a truck to move?

However, some people believe that it is much more profitable to buy a car than to rent it.

Rent or buy a car

Then the question arises: is it more profitable to rent or buy your own car? The benefits are numerous and there is no shortage of reasons why you want to rent a car rather than buy one. The economic crisis is one of the reasons why more and more people stop owning a car and renting it when the need arises.

Another indisputable reason: Loss of car value over time. This is a criterion that should not be overlooked when you own a car, because a car is not an investment, but often a loss of money. In the case of renting, you just don’t need to worry about it. You rent a car a few days a year, you don’t need to worry about losing value. Also, for a few days a year, you can afford to rent a car that you can’t afford to buy, even on credit.

Renting a car is also advisable if you like to change vehicles regularly and like new experiences. A vehicle that has good value is a vehicle that doesn’t age.

Renting has undeniable advantages over owning a car, especially when it is known that new cars are becoming more expensive every year. Low-cost rentals allow you to treat yourself to a higher-end car without having to change or Finance it in the long run.

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