NewsRent a car for trips to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan


Rent a car for trips to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

The mountains of Kyrgyzstan cover most of the country and reach more than 7000 meters above sea level (Victory Peak 7439m). The most beautiful lakes of the country such as Son Kul, Ala Kul, Chatyr Kul are located at an altitude of 3000m above sea level. It is the beautiful mountain landscapes that attract tourists to Kyrgyzstan. Some come for the unforgettable experience of mountain hiking, others want to get to know the nomad culture better.
Most tourists on arrival rent cars in Bishkek or Osh and go on their own in search of adventure in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan armed with a map and a good mood.

How to rent an SUV in Kyrgyzstan and what should you pay attention to?

You can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan in advance by finding a suitable rental company on the Internet. Fortunately, there are enough car rental offers in Kyrgyzstan, the main thing is to choose a good car at a good price and on good terms.
You should pay attention to the availability of car insurance, and rent a car in officially registered companies. It is absolutely necessary to secure the lease with a contract, this will save you from unforeseen conflicts.
Pay attention to the technical condition of the car, the condition of the tires, the presence of a fire extinguisher, compressor, spare wheel and jack. By renting a technically sound and equipped car, you will save yourself from unexpected breakdowns during your trip.

Car rental in Bishkek, in AUTOPARK

In AUTOPARK, you can rent fully insured and equipped SUVs in good technical condition. The company’s managers will choose the right car and will be in touch throughout your trip.
For your convenience, it is possible to deliver a car to the Manas airport or to your hotel.
The company has earned a reputation as a reliable rental company in Kyrgyzstan.

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