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Now it is difficult to imagine an adult without a car, especially if we are talking about businessmen or office workers, especially those who have to get out on business trips. You can’t take a car with you, and it is unprofitable to go directly on it and not always permissible from the point of view of the employer. Of course, quite often employees go to Bishkek on duty.

аренда авто в калининграде

But let’s not forget about those who came here for the weekend. They all have one thing in common – the need to move quickly around the city. The cost of a taxi is higher than average, so it will significantly hit your wallet. Then the ideal solution is to rent a car. When choosing a company for this purpose, keep in mind a few rules.

A company that provides such a service as car rental should have in its Arsenal cars of various brands and different price categories. Our specialists will take into account all your wishes and select the car according to your needs and means. Whether it is economy class or expensive business class, you must be served with high quality.

Naturally, all cars must pass regular technical inspection and be in excellent condition, so that you do not worry that the car will refuse to continue the journey at the most inopportune moment.

аренда авто в калининграде

A good company provides cars with or without a driver. If you don’t know the city well, a driver will be very helpful. And if this is not your first time in Bishkek and you are well-versed, you can save money on a driver.

A firm that trusts its customers will not require you to pay a Deposit for the car equal to its cost. To make a rental in such a company, you only need a passport, driver’s license and driving experience of at least three years.

Also, one of the rules of a responsible company will be a large average daily mileage limit.

аренда авто в калининграде

Now you know what to focus on first when choosing a car rental company. Ensuring your comfort during the trip and a minimum of your worries-these are the fundamental principles of a decent and caring company.

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