Hello! Dear friends, I live in Russia, Moscow. This is my first review on car rental in Kyrgyzstan. It so happened that my work is associated with frequent trips around the country, in Russia. And one day this year, right before the New Year, I was sent with a trip to Kyrgyzstan, to Bishkek. Well, the boss’s word is law. Upon arrival, I needed a car rent, for a long time. I had to look for what’s, what and how. I went to different sites, looked at private traders. As a result, I refused such options. It’s scary, suddenly, something is wrong … Some, do not have documents, others, have changed prices upon arrival. It’s good that I have one friend in Kyrgyzstan. From him I learned that there is a car rental company, Auto Park. I visited their website and it was nice to know that there is a lot of choice in their park. On the site, I chose the car that I liked, Hunday Accent 2014 release. The price really interested me. Upon arrival at the office itself, I was very kindly greeted by a car rental agent. In just 15 minutes, I was already able to leave with my rented car. The most interesting thing is that the price has not changed. What was indicated on the site, at such a price, they gave it. I rented a car for a month. They also made me a discount. In general, the car cost me very cheap compared to private traders. +, I was glad that there was a full package of documents, car insurance, Kasko and Osago. I traveled anywhere in a rented car, even go to Karakol. There is a very beautiful ski base. Thank you guys from the company! I hope to come again with my family. I really liked the people who live in Kyrgyzstan. And also the kitchen, just 5+! Let me summarize. The car I rented was 5+. I give 5+ agent for his work. For the mobility of work 5+. It is bad that you do not have an application like in Russia, for that 4. I wish you has more clients. See you later!

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