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After a long quarantine due to a worldwide pandemic, tired of my lovely apartment and friendly neighbors, I decided to treat myself to a trip around lake Issyk Kul. My trip included visits to hard-to-reach gorges, which is a serious test for the car. Not being a happy owner of an SUV, I decided to resort to the service of a car rental company. After a thorough search on the Internet, my choice fell on a company That had more favorable conditions for me compared to other companies and a convenient office location, not far from the Philharmonic hall. After a ten-minute trolley ride and a five-minute walk, I found myself in a cool and bright office where I was kindly introduced to the terms of the lease, checked the documents and showed the available cars.

Among others, I noticed a silver SUV Mitsubishi Pajero 2008 release. The friendly Manager immediately escorted me to a car that was parked in the shade near the office and let me “feel”it. The car turned out to be clean both outside and inside and equipped with various auxiliary tools for unforeseen situations which pleasantly surprised me.

After inspecting the car and my nod of approval, we returned to the office to sign the contract. The registration took no more than ten minutes, and after I signed the contract, I got an SUV with a full tank at my disposal.

My trip to Issyk Kul was the most amazing among all my trips to this region of Kyrgyzstan. The road was empty and only occasionally a rare car passed through oncoming traffic. Roadside cafes, which were quite crowded at this time of year, were half-empty and some of them had a huge lock on their doors.

This gray picture of a failed tourist season on the coast of the pearl of Kyrgyzstan is decorated with mountain landscapes of the beautiful gorges Kungey and Terskey Ala too. In one of these gorges, I didn’t regret the idea of renting an SUV. The car I rented turned out to be very convenient, passable everywhere and not gluttonous for its size.

My trip to Issyk Kul turned out exactly as I imagined it. I enjoyed the clean mountain air and solitude with nature, rested my body and soul. The owners of Yurt camps were sincerely happy to see a lone tourist, even if not a monetary foreigner for something native and long-awaited.

Upon arrival in Bishkek, I filled up a full tank and went to hand over the car to the office of the company Fleet. I was also welcomed, checked the car and returned the Deposit. After saying goodbye to my rented Mitsubishi Pagero and promising my iron friend that we would meet again for more Grand adventures, I took the trolley to my favorite apartment.

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