NewsJeep tours and Auto tours in Kyrgyzstan

Auto tours, a type of active recreation on a four-wheeled horse, has been gaining popularity around the world since the middle of the last century.
Speaking of the first car tours, the Hippies of the seventies in Volkswagen Transporter that poured into Tibet in an endless stream in search of peace and meaning of life come to mind .
Since then, half a century has passed, but auto travel and jeep tours haven’t lost its popularity and every year more and more tourists travel around Kyrgyzstan on SUVs.
Kyrgyzstan is an ideal country for this type of holiday due to its mountainous landscape and pristine nature. By the will of mother nature, the most beautiful landscapes of Kyrgyzstan are hidden in hard-to-reach places where not every car can go, and even the most prepared SUV risks getting stuck in swampy places. But such risks do not repel true adventurers.
Autopark offers services for organizing jeeping tours in Kyrgyzstan, both with experienced guides and instructors, and for independent driving.
Our managers have experienced all the routes and difficulties of such trips on their own skin and will help you organize the safest possible trips.
Our fleet is equipped with excellent SUVs, such as Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota FJ Cruiser, etc.
You can rent an SUV for a jeep tour or a more economical car for less extreme trips.

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