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What is it needed to rent a car?

– Driver’s license
– Passport
– A deposit of $ 300, an age of 21 years, a driver experience of three years.

Do you have privileges for regular customers?

We are focused on long-term cooperation and always offer discounts for regular customers!

Is it possible to deliver a car to the airport?

Yes. All you need to do is specify the delivery at the airport in your booking and tell us the date and time of your arrival. Our manager will meet you at the airport, with a clean and serviceable car.

Are there any mileage restrictions?

– Mileage 350 km per day. In case of excess surcharge of $ 0.35 for 1 km.

– With long-term rent, restrictions are removed.

When to book?

It is advisable to book a week and earlier. However, you can always contact us via WhatsApp +996 555 85 85 85 and clarify if the car is free at the needed time.

What are the condition of your cars?

All our cars undergo scheduled maintenance, as well as intensive service. We guarantee the serviceability of our vehicles.

Can I rent a car with a driver?

Yes, this additional service, which is paid at the rate of $ 20 per day within the city of Bishkek, when going out of the city + $ 10 per day. You can also rent a car with an English-speaking or French-speaking driver.

Can I arrange the car for myself, and enter several drivers in the contract?

Yes, you can enter an unlimited number of drivers, age and experience of which meets the minimum requirements. This service is free.

What to do in case of vehicle breakdown?

Call 24/7 hour number: +996 555 85 85 85 and report the incident. We will call a tow truck, with which you will arrive at the office and pick up a free replacement car of the same or better class.

What to do in case of an accident?

Immediately call the traffic police, ambulance (if required), call the office at 24/7 number +996 555 85 85 85, and report the incident. Be sure to issue all information about the accident. We will call you a tow truck, with which you will arrive at the office and pick up a replacement car of the same or better class for free. If the accident occurred through your fault, then you will need to pay the cost in the amount of the damage caused. If at the time of the accident, you were in a state of alcohol or other intoxication, then fully pay all the damage. If there is no perpetrator, or you have a mutual fault, then the cost of damage is deducted from your deposit.

How is the damage paid?

– If you broke the tires, broke the glass – the amount of damage is withheld

– If you scratched or crushed the car:

For an amount less than $ 500, only the amount of damage is retained for repairs.

more than $ 500, then held $ 500, the rest is covered by insurance.

if the car is completely crashed, then $ 1,000 is held, the rest is insurance.

Can I extend the lease without arriving at the office?

Yes it is possible. You need to warn about the extension of the lease on our contacts in advance. The service is free!

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