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I rented a Toyota Camry from a Car Park company. The car was needed to meet guests from abroad. I wanted to rent a comfortable and not gluttonous transport of movement. In Google, I came across an ad for the company Carport and clicking on the link was on their website. I would like to note that their website is also translated into Kyrgyz, and I was pleasantly surprised because there is very little information about car rental in Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyz. My second surprise was that all the cars are represented by real photos and even there is a video in which they say the basic information about the car. The rental conditions are described in detail in the “Questions and answers” section. In General, the guys took the information part on their website very seriously.

After choosing a car on the site, I decided to call them. The Manager’s name was Samat, and he explained the conditions in detail and offered to book a Toyota Camry. To make a reservation, I transferred 500 soms to elsom and sent a photo of my driver’s license and passport to Vatsap. I had to pick up the car at 2 am because my guests arrived at 4 am. The Manager offered to pick up the car at 6 PM the previous day, but the rent is calculated from 2 am, very grateful to them for this option as it allowed me to go to the airport directly from home. The car was washed and fully prepared for the agreed time. In the trunk there was a box with a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a compressor, a fluorescent vest and tools for changing shoes – I was once again pleasantly surprised by such a serious approach to customer safety. By the way, the car was insured and I liked the terms of insurance.

My guests and I were satisfied with the car, comfortable, nothing creaks, appearance without complaints and clean interior. The guests were satisfied not only with the car, but also with the nature of Kyrgyzstan and the hospitality of our people. In General, they liked everything and this is also the merit of the company Fleet. I am very grateful to them for their high-quality and professional service and will continue to address only them and advise them to my friends.

Akyl Tynchtykbek

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