NewsWhen and to whom a car rental can be refused


Car rental in AUTOPARK is easy and affordable for almost everyone. Today we will try to deal with this “almost” and find out in what situations the client may be refused to receive car rental services and what to do to prevent this from happening.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Experts recommend temporarily postponing the rental of a car without a driver, to customers who meet these characteristics:

Revocation of rights in any country – the fact that the client is deprived of the right to drive a vehicle is the basis for refusing to provide him with a rental car, even if the incident occurred outside of Russia. Also, you should not count on the possibility of renting a car during the period when a trial is being conducted on the fact of an accident, involving administrative or criminal liability against the culprit.
Criminal prosecution – persons who are currently being prosecuted are temporarily unable to rent a vehicle.
Physical and mental illnesses that prevent driving a vehicle – if there are suspicions of physical pathology and mental disorders that affect the ability to drive a car, rental employees may additionally require a medical certificate.
State of alcohol or drug intoxication – alcohol and drugs are taboo for car rental, including if the client has previously received fines and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Refusal to rent a car in AUTOPARK is a rarity, because our conditions are as loyal as possible, and the requirements for customers are simple and clear. However, if for any reason you fall under the categories listed above, we suggest that you use a car rental service with a driver.

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