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Every person who at least once thought about renting a car in Bishkek, looking at prices per day for a car, multiplied by 31 days and 12 months, does not always correctly speak about the company providing this service and about the rental market as a whole. But when a future client begins to calculate rental options for himself, he thinks and understands that sometimes instead of buying a vehicle for business, it is more profitable to attract rental cars to cooperation. People set priorities for themselves, calculate options for further work and then they can already judge what is more profitable for them, rent a car for a short period, or for a long-term lease, or vice versa, it is easier to buy an inexpensive car for an employee and it will be much more profitable for the company.


Consider the option of renting a vehicle for work:

Short term rent.

Everything is clear here, no one will argue with the fact that paying for a car only for the time of use is profitable. In any business, you have to deal with such situations when you urgently need to go somewhere, not just get to another place, but be “on wheels”, especially if you need to visit many places and do a lot. Here the car is irreplaceable. After that, you return the car to the car rental, and go about your business further, without worrying about repairs, insurance and much more.


Long term rent.

There are many companies abroad that work in close cooperation with car rental companies. They do not see the point in maintaining their vehicle fleet, service personnel, keeping a bunch of documentation on all cars, repairing cars and subsequently selling them. After all, it is much easier to rent a car and not think about all the problems associated with transport, but instead go about your business and spend time developing your business. In Bishkek, many companies are gradually coming to this.


How to determine whether it is profitable to rent a car for business in general?

It is enough to make elementary calculations and understand whether it is profitable for you or not. Why do so many people rent cars for a long time and pay that kind of money for a rental? Yes, because they are doing their own thing and the money that they saved on the purchase of transport is invested in the development of their enterprise. It is not profitable for them to waste their time on car repairs and maintenance. A smarter option is to devote more time to their work, which they understand. Of course, you need to consider what kind of business you are doing. Sometimes renting a car for a certain period of time is the easiest way to make sure whether it is worth it or not.

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