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Renting a car in Bishkek is a fairly simple event, but it is affordable. You just need to choose a car to your liking, compare prices and conditions of car rental and make your choice. Many rental companies make special offers for long-term car rentals, so sometimes it is more profitable to rent than to have personal transport. Let’s talk about how to get around in winter by car on ice.
Strange as it may seem, but the tips on how to drive on ice are very, very simple and obvious: you need to drive slowly and carefully. This is the key to success, especially if you follow the rules of the road:

• Speed limit;
• Distance;
• Side intervals.

On days of ice, the overall speed of traffic drops, so you should move at the speed of the General flow and do not try to catch the flashing traffic light, as haste can lead to disastrous consequences in the form of an accident and further measures to eliminate its consequences.

As a rule, an experienced driver drives confidently, but do not overestimate your strength, since neither tires with spikes nor all-wheel drive can guarantee complete and absolute safety in icy conditions, they only increase the maneuverability and handling of a rental car.

Many drivers forget to change tires in a timely manner, you need to treat this with a certain degree of understanding, because in any case, the situation will not become easier from the irritation that someone skids and the traffic stops.
It helps to be patient in the ice to think about those who are waiting for you. No wonder the proverb says “slow and steady wins – will continue.” For a situation with ice, this is an excellent slogan and a valuable indication.

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