The trouble came from where we did not expect it…A little more than a year ago, in China, or rather in the city of Wuhan, the Coronavirus was discovered. Our Chinese friends bravely fought against the new infection but unfortunately, it spread all over the world.

Around the world, in all continents, millions of human victims are mourning, which could not be avoided despite the enormous efforts of medical workers and large-scale quarantine measures.

The coronavirus has caused titanic damage to the global economy, small and medium-sized businesses. Millions of people are out of work.

As we face the new decade, the whole world is wondering when we will be able to beat the pandemic and return to normal life.

In these realities, AUTOPARK managed to adapt and continue working normally. The primary task of the company is to protect customers. To do this, we carry out antiviral treatment of cars after each client as well as before the delivery of the car. Regular dry cleaning of the salon is also carried out. Cars are insured by OSAGO and CASCO. Technical inspection of the car is carried out every week. A sanitizer is installed in the office, and the staff regularly passes a PCR test for Coronavirus.

The increase in regular customers of the company is an indicator of the effectiveness of the new algorithm of our company. Our customers always come back to us and advise us as a reliable rental company.

The coronavirus pandemic changed our lives and will go down in history as one of the deadliest epidemics but like everyone else, we have adapted and learned to offer a quality service in the field of car rental. AUTOPARK is a guarantee of the safety and serviceability of the vehicle.

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