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When you search the Internet for “rent a car in Bishkek”, you get a lot of offers from various companies and individuals, what is the difference between Autopark?

First, it is safer to rent a car from official companies, since often private landlords do not have insurance and there may be technical problems.

Autopark is an official rental company with a good reputation, committed to providing quality service. For the maximum safety of its customers, all vehicles of Autopark pass timely maintenance, as well as all cars are insured including CASCO.

Secondly, the company’s vehicles are Not older than 10 years. This is an additional guarantee that your rented car will not break down on the way and will take you safely.

But technology is technology, and no car is immune from unexpected breakdowns. Another big advantage of Autopark is the responsibility for the technical condition of the company’s vehicles, and if the car you rent fails, Autopark will immediately send the car for replacement and take over the transportation of the broken car.

Third, Autopark provides a large average daily mileage of 350 km. This allows you to save money on long trips and, in the case of a tourist trip, visit more picturesque places.

Autopark provides significant discounts to regular, corporate customers and those who rent a car for a long time.

Autopark is happy to see each client and focuses on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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